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subset provided with this software is distributed by permission of Willmann-Bell. APPENDIX I: LIST OF PROGRAM-WIDE HOTKEYS The following hotkeys can be used at any point in Guide. You can get this list by hitting the ? key. Be aware that almost all of these hotkeys have corresponding menu options! All of them, plus some functions deemed too minor to merit hotkeys of their own, can be accessed via the toolbar (see page 33.) Some people are "keyboard-oriented", and like having all functions just a keystroke away. And if you find that you need to enter a few dozen ecliptic coordinates, it may be easier to hit Alt-Comma than to navigate the menus each time. But in most cases, you will find it easier to use the menu options than the hotkeys. Also, as is described on page 33, the hotkeys can be reassigned, and other functions given hotkeys. The following are simply the default hotkey assignments. Hotkey Function Force a redraw Stop a redraw Stop a redraw Toggle full-screen mode (DOS) * Zoom in one level / Zoom out one level 1...9 Zoom to levels 1-9 0 Zoom to level 10 Alt-1...9 Zoom to levels 11-19 Ctrl-0 Center on Sun Ctrl-1...9 Center on Mercury...Pluto Ctrl-- Center on the Moon Alt-0 Set time to midnight UT + Increase star sizes - Decrease star sizes [ Increase animation step ] Decrease animation step ? Show this list , Enter glossary (p. 2) ; Find an asteroid (p. 7) = Find a planet (p. 7) > Find a constellation (p. 8) : Shortcut to find solar eclipses (p. 62) % Toggle coloring by spectral type # Star display menu (p. 17) $ Toggle outlining of stars (p. 18) & Enter an alt/az position (p 13) @ Toggle overlays menu (p. 37) { Load a mark file (p. 63)
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