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} Save a mark file (p. 64) | Delete a mark file (p. 64) ) Select new level \ Find a variable star (p. 9) ^ Margins menu ~~ Switch to German ' Switch to Spanish " Switch to Italian ! Switch to French i Find IC object m Find Messier object n Find NGC object F1 Enter help system F2 Print F3 Reset to current time F4 Scope control menu (p. 39) F5 User Object menu (p. 38) F6 Reset level size (p. 31) F8 List all stars on screen (p. 52) F11 Slew telescope to Guide posn (p. 40) F12 Slew Guide to telescope posn (p. 40) Alt-A Planet animation menu (p. 46) Alt-B Tables menu Alt-D Data Shown (p. 19) Alt-E Enter RA and declination (p 13) Alt-F File menu Alt-G Go To menu (p. 5) Alt-H Help menu (p. 2) Alt-I Inversion menu (p. 35) Alt-K Go to comet (p. 7) Alt-L Toolbar dialog (p. 33) Alt-N "Full horizon" view Alt-O Overlays menu (p. 36) Alt-P Create PostScript chart (p. 43) Alt-Q Quick Info (p. 15) Alt-R Toggle between red screens and normal colors (p. 28) Alt-S Settings menu (p. 29) Alt-T Time dialog (p. 44) Alt-U Find 'opposition' point (p. 12) Alt-W Horizon dialog (p. 6) Alt-X Extras menu (p. 52) Alt-Z Toggle north/zenith up (p. 36) Alt-.(period) Increase planet feature details (p. 22) Alt-; Decrease planet feature details (p. 22) Alt-,(comma) Toggle to Japanese Alt-F4 Quit Guide Alt-F6 Extract RealSky/DSS image (p. 54) Alt-F9 Toggle user datasets (p. 53) Alt-F11 Clear all RealSky/DSS images (p. 54) Shift-F1 RA/dec format dialog (p. 31 Shift-F4 Table of satellite passes (p. 51)
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