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E: 73 Notes on Accuracy F: 73 Adding New Comets G: 75 Astronomical Magnitudes H: 75 Copyright and Liability Notices I: 77 List of Program-Wide Hotkeys Index 79 Questions and bug reports should be sent to: Project Pluto 168 Ridge Road Bowdoinham ME 04008 Fax (207) 666 3149 Tel (207) 666 5750 Tel (800) 777 5886 E-mail: WWW: 1: HOW TO INSTALL GUIDE To install Guide, put the Guide DVD into the DVD drive. On most computers, installation will start automatically; if it doesn't, you'll have to run the 'setup.exe' program from the DVD. You can specify the directory on your hard drive in which you want Guide to be installed. You can also choose an installation language. An icon indicating the shortcut to Guide will be provided. Be warned that the setup is so quick (a few seconds) that you may think the setup process failed. 'setup' will just install a few megabytes to the hard drive: enough to enable Guide to run, if it can access the Guide DVD. But most people will want to install some or all of the DVD to the hard drive. The benefits and drawbacks of doing this, and how it is done, are discussed on page 58. 2: GETTING HELP To get help on a particular subject, click on the "Help" option in the main menu and select "Glossary". The Help system is a "hypertext" system: you can click on any term shown in blue to get the definition for that term. To print the help information, save it to a file, go back to the glossary, or go back to the previous item, just click the appropriate help menu item. In most places in Guide, you can hit F1 to get a few paragraphs describing the dialog or control you are currently using. Many dialogs have a '?' button that gets the same information.
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