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Shift-F6 Toggle to Czech Shift-F12 Toggle to Chinese Ctrl-A Toggle animation on/off (p. 47) Ctrl-B Find a Bayer or Flamsteed star (p. 9) Ctrl-D Data Shown (p. 19) Ctrl-E Toggle scope pad (p. 40) Ctrl-F Toggle camera frame (p. 53) Ctrl-G Toggle fixed levels (p. 23) Ctrl-H Select home planet (p. 34) Ctrl-K Add a new comet or asteroid (p. 73) Ctrl-L Toggle legend (p. 24) Ctrl-N Find NSV star (p. 10) Ctrl-R Switch to Russian Ctrl-T Measurement markings menu (p. 26) Ctrl-V Find a variable star (p. 9) Ctrl-X Enter longitude (p. 34) Ctrl-Y Enter latitude (p. 34) Ctrl-Z Enter altitude (p. 35) Ctrl-F1 Slew LX-200 to Guide posn (p. 40) Ctrl-F2 Slew Guide to LX-200 posn (p. 40) Ctrl-F3 Toggle Chart mode (p. 28) Ctrl-F8 Move CCD frame to cursor loc (p. 24) Ctrl-F9 Enter a date and time (p. 30) Ctrl-F10 RA/dec format dialog (p. 31) Ctrl-F11 Set line of variation (p. 61) Ctrl-F12 Extract objects from MPC file (p. 61) INDEX A1.0, A2.0 58 Abell galaxy clusters Finding & definition 11 Turning on or off, labelling 20 Abell nebulae 12 Accuracy 73 Altitude/Azimuth: defined 71 Entering an alt/az 13 For grids, ticks, etc. 27 Altitude (above sea level) 35 Angular distances 15 Animation 46 Aperture ring display 26 Arp (galaxy catalog) 12 Artificial satellites See Satellites, Artificial Asteroids Accuracy of positions 73t Adding new ones by elements 73 Adding from MPC data 61 Asteroid Options dialog 59 Currently bright 15, 51 Displaying & Labelling 20 Finding 7
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