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Those with an LX-200 or Celestron telescope, or a Sky Commander or other encoder system connected to their computer, or certain other telescope control systems, can control the telescope from Guide, using the Scope Control menu item inside the Settings menu. Those with encoder-based systems other than the Sky Commander will have to perform an alignment step, and should consult the next chapter. When you first enter the Telescope menu, it will look like this: COM1 COM2 COM3 COM4 No scope available LX-200 Sky Commander Dob Driver AltAz JMI/MG-III ASCOM Scope Compustar Magellan I NexStar Astro-Physics Also, controls over encoder resolution will be provided. These are required only for alignment of JMI/MG-III (Tangent Instrument) compatible systems, and will be discussed in the next chapter. For all other systems, Guide just relies on the internal alignment of the telescope, so be sure your scope is properly aligned in the manner described in its user manual. The hardware issues in connecting a telescope to a computer are quite varied; you should check the instruction manual for your telescope for details. You should determine to which COM port the telescope is attached, and pick the corresponding port in the dialog box. If you don't know which port is used, it's okay to guess. The worst that will happen is that, when you try to control the scope, Guide will pause for about fifteen seconds, then report its failure. In general, you can just pick the sort of telescope you're using, select the right COM port, and you'll be all set. Most telescopes will either be in the above list, or will use the Meade LX-200 command language (so you can just tell Guide to use that system). ASCOM is a system that allows a wide range of telescopes to be controlled, including those in the above list plus many others. If you select ASCOM, you'll be asked to
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