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In "Add Text" mode, the mouse behaves normally, except that if you right-click on the chart, Guide will prompt you for the text to be added at that point. The floating dialog box also has a color selection box. The color you select here is applied to anything you add to the overlay. Also, you can eliminate an overlay entirely with the "Delete Overlay" option. 10: USER OBJECT MENU In the User Object menu you can keep a list of the objects you're interested in that don't appear in the "Go To Object" set of menus. It is in the Overlays menu (hotkey F5). The first time you enter it looks like this: Add an object Delete an object Go to an object Save to Sky Comm Output to File All items except "add an object" and "esc to prev menu" are grayed out, since there are no objects yet to be deleted, gone to, saved to a Sky Commander, or output to a file. If you center on an object of interest, then click on "add an object", you'll be prompted to enter a name for the object (such as "Barnard's Star", "possible variable", etc.) The object will be added to the list and the grayed out menu items will no longer be grayed out. If you select "Delete an object" or "Go to an object", the complete list of entered objects will be shown. Select one, and either that object will be removed from the list (after you confirm that action), or Guide will recenter on that object. "Save to Sky Comm" will remain grayed out until you have entered the Telescope Control menu (page 39), told Guide that you have a Sky Commander, and on which port it is installed. When this has been done, if you click on "Save to Sky Comm", Guide will take the list of objects you have created and provide their locations to the Sky Commander. You can then take the Sky Commander into the field and find those objects. It can be useful to have a list of the objects, complete with the numbers that the Sky Commander has assigned to them. To get one, you can click on "Output to File". Windows will let you choose a file name. You can store the list in an ASCII file for further use. 11: TELESCOPE CONTROL MENU hotkey F4
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