AAVSO Finder Charts: displaying available ones in Guide
Accessing Guide data directly
Accuracy of planetary positions
Almagest (Ptolemy's star catalog)
Apogee, perigee dates, 1998-2002
Asteroid occultations: predictions, results, ground paths
Asteroids: accuracy
Asteroids: data about them shown by Guide
Asteroids: data shown under "More Info" in Guide
Asteroids: direct access to elements
Asteroids: groups and families
Astrographic Catalogue (AC 2000): properties
AC 2000: displaying in Guide
Astrographic Catalogue/Tycho (ACT)
ACT: displaying in Guide
Atlas Stellarum: displaying page layout in Guide
A1.0: definition, availability
A1.0: accessing the data
A2.0: definition, availability
Bahá'í calendar
Bennett catalog: displaying in Guide
'Blue moon': origin of the term
Caldwell catalog: displaying in Guide
Catalogs in Guide
Celtic Tree (Druid?) calendar
Chinese calendar
Chinese calendar (Italian-language version)
Comet elements direct from MPC
Comets: accuracy
Comets: data about them shown by Guide
Contact information
Double stars: displaying in Guide
DSS: C/C++ source code for extracting data
Dutch-language version of Guide
Encoders: protocol, hooking up
Event files for Guide: format, translating
FAQ for current Guide users
FAQ for prospective Guide users
FIND_ORB, orbit determination software
French-language version of Guide
Galaxies and clusters of galaxies: data about them shown by Guide
GhostScript printing in DOS Guide
Falkauer Atlas: displaying page layout in Guide
German-language version of Guide
Get_DSS: source code to access RealSky and DSS CDs
Globular clusters: data about them shown by Guide
Great Red Spot (GRS) transit times
Gregorian calendar
GSC (Guide Star Catalog): Guide's internal format/access
GSC-ACT: astrometric recalibration of the Guide Star Catalog
Guide Star Catalog: photometric recalibration
Hard drive, putting Guide onto
Herget's method (initial orbit determination)
Hipparcos/Tycho datasets
Hipparcos/Tycho: ordering original data CDs
Hipparcos/Tycho Guide's internal format/access
Hipparcos/Tycho: why use them?
Horizons (JPL) ephemerides: displaying in Guide
IRAS data: displaying in Guide
Islamic calendar
Italian-language version of Guide
Interesting celestial events
Japanese-language version of Guide
Jovian satellites, astrometry and orbits
Julian calendar
French Republican calendar
Jupiter satellite events
Kepler's equation: assorted solutions
Last-minute astrometry (LMA)
Lunar maps: detailed lunar maps using Clementine data
Lunar phases, 1998-2002
Lunar eclipses, 1950-2059
'Mark file' format
Meteor showers: displaying in Guide
Millennium Star Atlas: displaying the page layout in Guide
Minor Planets: see asteroids
MPCORB: asteroid element database from the Minor Planet Center
MPC stations: geographic distribution
MPG (Minor Planet Guide): a program for showing interesting data about asteroids
Mutual planetary occultations from -1000 to +6000
Nebulae: data about them shown by Guide
NEOCP ephemerides: displaying in Guide
NEODyS ephemerides: displaying in Guide
NSVS (New Suspected Variables) display
Objects shown by Guide
Open clusters: data about them shown by Guide
Orbit determination (FIND_ORB)
Ordering information
Persian (Jalaali) calendar
"Plug-in" datasets in Guide
Pluto: information about the planet
Pulsars: displaying in Guide
Printout appearance from Guide
PGC-1996 (updated Principal Galaxy Catalog)
Quasars: displaying in Guide
RealSky: C/C++ source code for extracting data
RealSky display in Guide
Satellites, artificial: accuracy
Selected Astronomical Catalogs, Vol. 3
Selected Areas: displaying page layout in Guide
Sidereal clock program
Solar system objects shown in Guide
Spanish-language version of Guide
Stars: data about them shown by Guide
Supernovae: displaying them in Guide
Symplectic integration: C/C++ source code
System requirements for Guide
Table generation
.TDF (user added datasets): creating your own
Telescope control with custom scopes and Guide
Trailed star images in CCDs, measuring
Transits of Mercury and Venus, -1000 to +4000
Translating Guide to still more languages
Undocumented features in Guide
Updated Guide software
Uranian satellites, astrometry and orbits
User added datasets (.TDFs): creating your own
Variable star data: Guide's internal format/access
Voyager images