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were on CD-ROM.) Because of the concern about fitting everything on the DVD, a lot of effort went into compressing the larger datasets. Little was usually done to smaller datasets, since compressing them would not have helped very much anyway. Full details on accessing the datasets are available at: This is updated from time to time. If a dataset is not currently documented, that usually just means nobody has asked about it yet. If you'd like to access a particular dataset, please contact Project Pluto. 24: ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Much of the data for this DVD came through the Centre des Donnees Astronomiques de Strasbourg: The Hipparcos and Tycho data were created by the European Space Agency, and are used here by permission. The source for faint stars is the third USNO CCD Astrograph Catalog (UCAC-3). Norbert Zacharias, the principal investigator for this project, was very helpful in puzzling out the details of how this catalog works and what its strengths and limitations are. The PGC (Principal Galaxy Catalog) was obtained from the Universite de Lyon. It was compiled by G. Paturel and L. Bottinelli of the Observatoire de Paris, and forms the basis for displaying galaxies at detailed levels. The RC3 (Third Revised Catalog of Galaxies) was obtained from Dr. Harold Corwin, at the California Institute of Technology. It was compiled by G. and A. de Vaucouleurs, H. G. Corwin, R. J. Buta, G. Paturel, and P. Fouque. With the PGC, it is largely responsible for the great improvements in the accuracy and quantity of data provided for galaxies. The primary source for data on NGC and IC objects comes from Wolfgang Steinicke's data,, used by permission here. Comments on many NGC and IC objects were supplied by Steve Coe, who kindly gave permission for extracts from his observing notes to be shown in "more info". Additional NGC and IC data comes from the Saguaro Astronomy Club. The members of this club did an enormous amount of work in cleaning up many errors in the RNGC and NGC2000 catalogs in the course of producing this
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