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The "Make PostScript file" option is described in detail on page 43. "Make .BMP File" provides another way to create graphics files for use in other Windows applications (most Windows paint programs will import .BMP data). To use it, set up your chart in the manner in which you want it to appear in the image, and click on this option. Guide will show the usual Windows "save file" dialog box, and will create a .BMP chart with the same dimensions and colors as the current Guide window. "Find Conjunction" and "Show Eclipse" are described on page 62. "Install to Hard Drive" is described on page 58. 17a: DSS/REALSKY IMAGES The DSS (Digital Sky Survey) is a set of digital imagery of the entire sky, created from scans of Palomar Sky Survey photos and similar photos from southern sky surveys. It was provided on a set of 100 CD-ROMs, but is now most commonly accessed via Internet. There is also a more heavily compressed version, RealSky, provided on 18 CD-ROMs, but the image quality suffers a bit from the extra compression. Getting the CDs has been difficult of late. They were once distributed by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP), but this appears to be discontinued. "DSS/RealSky Images" leads to a dialog box offering controls to extract images from the CDs, or download them from the Internet, and to control how they are shown. Some of its controls also apply to a collection of images of deep-sky images available on the Guide DVD; these are discussed on page 59. The dialog box looks like this: ______________________________ | DSS/RealSky Images [X]| |-----------------------------| | [x] Show images | | Show at: [ 0] - [1.6] | | [ ] Invert images | | [ Clear RealSky images ] | | [ RealSky/DSS from CD ] | | [ Add DSS image ] | | [ DSS from Internet ] | | DSS downloads: | | < DSS-1 > | | < Normal > | | [ OK ] [ Cancel ] | '-----------------------------' If you have some images shown on-screen and would like to temporarily disable them, you should uncheck the "show images" checkbox. No images will actually be deleted, but they won't be shown until you turn the checkbox back on.
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