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set of check-boxes for every item that can be shown in an ephemeris. You can also use it to tell Guide to skip ephemeris lines where the object is below the horizon, and/or it's daylight. You do have to exert some restraint here. If you enable all of the items that can appear in an ephemeris, the lines will be quite long, and won't print out or display very intelligibly. You can use Guide to make Windows "movies" in the .AVI format. To do this, set up Guide to show the sky as you wish, in terms of location, date/time, objects displayed, screen size, etc. You'll probably want to resize the screen to make it smaller, since a full-screen animation results in tremendously large files. Click on the "Make a Movie" option in the Animation menu; Guide will ask you to select a file name, then a compression method. (The compression methods available will depend on what happens to be installed on your hard drive as part of Windows.) After that, each time Guide draws a chart, that chart will be added as a "frame" of the movie. So you can bring up the Animation dialog box and start animating as you normally might do, perhaps following the motion of a particular object. While the animation is proceeding, you can stop, switch to different objects, change the animation step size, and so forth. When you've completed the animation, go back into "Animation" and toggle off "Make a Movie". Guide will close the current animation file, and you can view it with Windows Media Player or any similar .AVI-aware utility. 16: THE TABLES MENU The Tables menu contains the following options: Lunar data Lunar phases Lunar apogee/perigee Lunar eclipses Solar eclipses Current comets Current asteroids Jupiter events GRS transits List planet features List satellite passes Create star list Miscellaneous tables Each option allows you to make a table of data, which can be viewed on screen, then saved to a file or printed. Many of the tables include items highlighted in red, green, or yellow; clicking on these generally causes Guide to switch to the time and location of the event or object in question, so you can see it on-screen. (The meaning of
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