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To go to a level from 1 to 9, hit a key from 1 to 9 (using the numbers above the letters on the keyboard). To go to level 10, hit the 0 key. To go to levels 11 to 19, hit Alt-1 to Alt-9. You can also move the mouse over the line in the legend showing the current zoom level. A box will appear around the zoom level text in the legend. Click there, and a dialogue box will appear, listing all twenty levels. Click on one, and Guide will go to that level. The effect is the same as the 1-9 and Alt-1 through Alt-9 keys, but you need not hit the keyboard. Since this method avoids any use of the keyboard, it is the easiest to use in the dark. (If the zoom level isn't shown, just hit ')'; this will bring up the dialogue box.) By default, the toolbar will show buttons for level 1 (field 180 degrees, a full hemisphere), 4 (20 degrees), 7 (2 degrees), and 10 (1/4 degree). These levels are provided by default on the toolbar;; you can select other levels to be shown there using the Toolbar option in the Settings menu (see page 33). Finally, if you press and hold the left mouse button at the point on the chart you want to move to and move the mouse, you'll drag open a rectangle centered on that point. Let go, and you'll zoom into that rectangle. This is similar to the way you can "drag a box" in some drawing programs. (There is, unfortunately, no equivalent way to zoom out.) Remember: * Zoom in one level / Zoom out one level 1...9 Zoom to levels 1-9 0 Zoom to level 10 Alt-1...9 Zoom to levels 11-19 ) Select new level Combining panning and zooming, you can move quickly from any point in the sky to any other. To find a particular object, however, you might have to do some hunting, and this brings us to our next chapter. 5: FINDING OBJECTS As there are many different kinds of objects in the sky and many different ways in which they are named, finding objects is given a menu of its own, the "Go To" menu. This menu also allows you to send Guide to a variety of celestial coordinates and to find compass points on the horizon. In this menu, you will see the following list of ways by which you can find an object: Object Name... Messier... NGC... IC... ---------------
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