On-line artificial satellite identification

This is an on-line version of the sat_id program used for identifying artificial satellites found by asteroid observers. Use the form below to find which artsats match the position/motion of objects you've observed.

Suggested quick start: Don't panic! Copy/paste your observations in the large text window below, or click on "Browse" to pick a file containing the astrometry. Then click the "find matching artsats" button. That will probably be all you need.

The output will show each line of astrometry, followed by the object(s) within the specified angular distance and a little information about them. If you supply more than one position (which I strongly recommend), the apparent motion of "your" object will be shown, and will be compared to the motion of the possible matching artsats. In such a case, it'll almost certainly identify your object correctly (without motion data, it'll be essentially guessing; it could be any artsat that happened to be passing by.)

Be warned: as currently written, the program uses "recent" elements for almost all objects. Which means that if you feed it observations made a month ago, it'll probably fail. Also, it times out after 15 seconds, so don't try to feed it too many observations at once.

If you're still not getting things to work, contact me at p‮ôç.ötulpťcéjôřp@otúl‬m (modified to baffle spammers).

Cut/paste observations in the 80-column MPC format below. Don't worry about it if some other text is copied in as well; extra text will simply be disregarded.

Or, you can upload a file containing the astrometry.

Find artsats within degrees

Motion tolerance : arcmin/sec

Source code for this can be found on GitHub.