[Neocp_artsats] Four artsat tracklets currently on NEOCP

Bill Gray pluto at projectpluto.com
Fri Sep 8 17:39:42 EDT 2023

Hello all,

    I've just sent in an ID for ZTs0149 = ZTs0150,  which were the 
return of ZTF0EWD = C1A3AQ1 = something from the 1967-040 launch :


    So those two will probably come off NEOCP fairly soon.

    C9EYKK2 appears to be an ETBO in a four-day orbit,  which is a 
pretty unusual beast (we did have one a few years back).  I should note 
that the identification as an ETBO relies on the (033) observations, 
and they've been a little unreliable of late (some "problem" tracklets).

    C9G6TY2 is almost certainly 'Multijunk'.  The only hitch here is 
that we've had no data for Multijunk for some time.  I'd like at least 
some confirmation before calling it junk.

-- Bill

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