[Neocp_artsats] A10VLpO = unidentified junk

Bill Gray pluto at projectpluto.com
Sat Jul 1 18:28:25 EDT 2023

Hello all,

    This was found by ATLAS in Hawaii on 28 June,  and immediately 
looked like junk.  Observations from (U52) in California confirmed that 
the next night,  catching it at the following apogee :


    (U52) submitted three observations,  and the first two have the same 
time stamp.  So I don't really think we have a particularly good orbit 
for it,  despite the low formal uncertainties on the elements.  More out 
of hope than any real expectation it'll be recovered,  I've computed 
TLEs for it and added it to Sat_ID's repertoire.

    I can't tell if it's an ETBO,  but it probably is.

-- Bill

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