[Neocp_artsats] ZTF0L5G = ZTF0L67 = SCko07a = BO4SK17

Bill Gray pluto at projectpluto.com
Tue May 18 17:06:05 EDT 2021

    The first pair here had roughly similar orbits,  and
were three days apart.  They linked with somewhat poorly
determined non-gravs.

    However,  TLEs generated from them identified B04SK17,
an object found by (U55) Golden Ears a month earlier,  as
being the same object.  That resulted in considerable improvement
in the determination of the non-gravs,  and therefore better

    Using those,  I was able to further identify ScKo07a,
found by (Z84) Calar Alto in March,  extending the arc by
another month.  I didn't find anything else going back to
September 2020.  Linked orbit and pseudo-MPEC is at


-- Bill

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