[Neocp_artsats] Correction to previous post, and ZTF0LBs = ZTF0L5G = others

Bill Gray pluto at projectpluto.com
Sat Jun 5 10:45:26 EDT 2021

    In my previous post,  replace all instances of ZTF0LBs
with ZTF0LBm;  i.e.,  the actual full identification would
be ZTF0LAq = ZTF0LAZ = ZTF0LBs.  (The TLEs and pseudo-MPEC
had the correct object designation.)

    ZTF0LBs is actually identified as ZTF0L5G = ZTF0L67 = ZTF0LAB
= many others :


    It had wandered just sufficiently off prediction to not be
automatically removed.

-- Bill

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