Guide 9.1 DVD Star Chart Order Form

      Orders for the Guide 9.1 DVD Star Chart software may be sent
   by mail to:

   Project Pluto
   168 Ridge Road
   Bowdoinham ME 04008

      For credit card orders,  please look here. 

      Shipping is by postal service:  first class within the US,  airmail
   elsewhere.  Usually,  an order is shipped within two days of receipt
   of the order.  The price is $40,  with no shipping or handling in the
   US and Canada;  add $5 for shipping to the remainder of the world.

      If an e-mail address is provided,  you will be automatically
   notified when your order is shipped.

   Please provide the following information:


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   E-MAIL ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________

   Method of payment (circle one):   Check  Cash   Money order

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                                                Thank you!