Ephemeris generator

Use the form below to generate orbital elements and ephemerides for NEOCP and other solar system objects. You should use this form if you have astrometry for an object.

Suggested quick start: Don't panic! Just enter the object designation and click the "compute orbit and ephemerides" button. This will provide a default ephemeris, which may be all you need. If it isn't, hit the back arrow and look a little more closely at your options (options documented here.) If you're still not getting things to work, contact me.

This is a modified, simplified, non-interactive version of the Find_Orb program.

Enter object name: (examples: 1997 XF11, 141P, Icarus, NEOCP designations)

Ephemeris starting date : UTC (Universal Time)

Number of steps : Step size :

MPC observatory code or lat/lon:

Faint limit on ephemeris output:

Ephemeris type:

State vectors
Cartesian coördinates
MPCORB elements
8-line elements
Close approaches

Observable ephemeris options (only used if 'Observables' is checked above):

Alt/az Radial velocity
Phase angle Phase angle bisector Heliocentric ecliptic coörds
Ground track Visibility indicator Topocentric ecliptic coörds
Suppress unobservables Show ephemeris uncertainties Computer-friendly ephems
Lunar elongation Lunar altitude Lunar azimuth
Sky brightness Sun altitude Sun azimuth
PsAng PsAMV PlAng
Galactic lat/lon Galactic confusion Constellation
Motions in RA and dec Total motion & position angle

Element center:

Epoch of orbital elements : TT

Residual format :
0.01" precision
0.001" precision
Show time/cross-path residuals

Redact NEOCP astrometry: (check this box if you're going to redistribute the pseudo-MPEC)


JSON elements, observations, and residuals
JSON ephemerides
JSON combining both of the above