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Click here for information about the Chang'e 5-T1 rocket booster hitting the far side of the moon.

This site last updated 2023 September 27.

About Project Pluto: Project Pluto supplies astronomical software, both commercial and freeware, to amateur and professional astronomers, such as the Find_Orb orbit determination software (takes a set of positional measurements of an asteroid, comet, or natural or artificial satellite, and determines its orbit); Sat_ID (identifies artificial satellites given data on where and when you saw them); Integrat (integrates orbital elements from one epoch to another), and various other tools. As you will see, free on-line versions of some of of the tools are available.

Information about the Guide DVD Star Charting software

Click here for information on ordering Guide 9.1. If you already have the Guide 9.0 DVD, you can click here for a free update to Guide 9.1. The update includes a few improvements and bug fixes to the software, and is highly recommended.

Click here for an HTML version of the Guide users manual.

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